Remove Stickers and Glue from The Game Boy Color and Games

This is different from what I usually do. This article describes how I removed stickers and the glue from Pokemon Pinball and the Game Boy Color using pictures and captions.

I am not responsible for anything that may go wrong.

The original stickers. Looks terrible!
Get a plastic card to remove the old sticker. This will prevent scratches.
The replacement stickers!
Look at that gold goodness.
Get some nail polish remover. It has acetone which will dissolve the glue. Get some q-tips or fold a tissue.
Wet the q-tip or cloth and start rubbing. Be very conservative with how much you use...It essentially eats at everything, even the cartridge plastic. DO NOT USE THE PLASTIC CARD TO SCRATCH OFF GLUE AT THIS POINT. The chemically softened plastic will get shaven off.
I had to learn that the hard way. Luckily it is very shallow.

The final result!


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